Janu Basti- One of the Best Ayurvedic Therapies for Knee Pain

There are various natural remedies available for chronic and acute knee pain. But among all of them, the Janu Basti treatment is the best one. It provides you with an amazing relief from this unbearable pain. The stiffness which is associated with it can be alleviated too.

It is generally considered as the long-lasting relief at the same time. It works well on the other related knee issues which can create severe painful conditions.

The definition of Janu Basti and its treatment procedure

Janu Basti is the typical name of the popular ayurvedic treatment which is specifically meant for promoting knee health. The name of this particular treatment has been derived from the combination of two terms- ‘Janu’ refers to ‘knee joint’ and ‘Basti’ refers to ‘hold’. In Janu Basti ayurvadic massage, two cabins are constructed with the help of the flour dough and place at each of the knee.

Then, the warm medicated oil is poured to fill the cabin and left undisturbed for some time. This procedure will be continued several times. This oil will penetrate deep into the knee and fix the issues which will sustain for a long period of time.

The ingredients which are used for making the medicated oil

As warm medicated oil is used to deal with several knee problems, the choice of accurate natural ingredients is the most crucial one. According to the leading acupuncture specialist, the ghee or oil which is used for this treatment is made from the sesame oil, Sahacharadi Tailam, Ashwagandhabalalakshadi Tailam, Pinda Tailam, and others. Mahamasha Tailam, Mahanarayana Tailam, and Ksheerabala Tailam are also included in the oil.

The knee problems which can be dealt with this specific knee treatment

There are a number of health issues which are associated with knee pain and its health. But, Janu Basti treatment is excellent for the following health issues:

ACL injury

The ACL injury is indicated towards the tearing of the cruciate anterior ligament. It attacks mainly the soccer and basketball player. The players of other sports which need sudden dodge can also be injured by it. This treatment can heal it from deep.

Osgood-Schlatter disease

It is the most common disease which can be noticed in teenagers. In this particular disease, the person may experience a bump under the knee. This can cause pain as it is caused by the irritation and overuse of tibial tubercle. This ayurvedic treatment can provide you relief from this.

There are many other issues of the knee which can be treated with this natural treatment.

The benefits of using this natural treatment

There are many benefits of using the Janu Basti ayurvadic massage. It is important because knee joints are helpful for performing the daily basic activities. It can effectively fix different knee problems which include click sounds, burning sensation, swelling, and stiffness.

Injury, degeneration, and inflammation can also fix by it. It regularizes the blood flow to the knee and makes the joints even stronger than it was before. The knee joints movements can also improve with the help of this natural treatment.

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