Hot Foot Bath

Hot Foot Bath

Benefits of hot and cold foot bath from the best center for naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon

Hydrotherapy is one of the alternatives forms of medical practices that employ the presence of water for natural healing processes. The hot and cold foot baths are beneficial for the natural healing of the body conditions such as arthritis, problems associated with blood circulation, cold feet, and menopausal symptoms.

Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center is a reckoned place to enhance the body’s natural process of healing. Since its inception, it has clinched in extensive expertise for excelling the domains of curing the body disorders through natural healing processes. Mud, hydro, colour, massage, sun, banana bath, wet sheet bath are some of the reckoned therapies worked out at Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center.


What is the working mechanism of hot and cold foot bath hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi?

  • Here, in a hot and cold foot bath, your feet are submerged in a bath comprising of both hot and cold water.
  • This hydrotherapy treatment involves alternating the current flow of hot and cold water treatment for your foot.
  • Such an alternating hot and cold water treatment is known to produce miraculous results as it works in comforting your entire body.
  • The hot and cold foot bath naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon plays a vital role in relieving chronic cold feet ailments, issues related to your blood circulation, issues related to menopause and insomnia.


How does this process of hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi benefit you naturally?

It assists in relieving tensions and pains in muscles:

  • Hydrotherapy treatment is useful in curing sore and injured muscles.
  • Passage of alternating hot and cold water currents over your feet helps in improvising your blood circulation.
  • Improved circulation of blood, in turn, alleviates symptoms related to pain.
  • It further aids in the process of rehabilitation of the damaging effects of tissues and tendons.


Booster of the body’s immune system:

As hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi works on improving your blood circulation, it further facilitates the movement of white blood cells within your body. This free circulation of white blood cells assists in free-flowing of lymph ( body fluid). The lymph is responsible for collecting and eliminating all the unwanted particles out of your body.