Massage Therapy


Massage is one of the oldest therapies and it is being practiced all around the world. It can be called an act of applying pressure on various parts of body in order to release stress or reduce pain. Usually hands and fingers are used for this purpose but there are some other methods of massage too in which knees, elbows, feet and forearms are used.

Need of a Qualified Professional

It should be ascertained that the person who is giving massage is a qualified professional as taking massage from an unprofessional and untrained person can be harmful for patients. Our naturopathies in Delhi and Gurgaon have the best set of professionals having years of experience in their job.

Method of Massage

Ayurvedic massage therapy is a part of the naturopathy treatment process and it is quite different from what a person experiences in simple massage therapy. In this, oils which are cooked with natural herbs are used by the therapist. The oil goes inside body through cells and heals the body in which the herbs play an important role. This therapy not only cures the disease but also calms down body and mind and relieves the person from stress and anxiety.

Proper analysis

The therapist will first understand the needs of a person and depending on his understanding, he will choose oil and herbs for massage so that a balance is maintained in body.

Massage therapy is practiced at our centres in Delhi- NCR and you can indulge in a session of ayurvedic massage therapy in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

There are many benefits of this therapy, the important ones being that it helps a person in improving his sleep condition. It infuses a sense of calmness and happiness, the body feels relaxed and the person feels stress-free, which results in him getting a good sleep. It not only softens skin but also slows down the ageing process as through regular massaging, skin will get its nutrition and it will shine as well.

Ayurvedic massage therapy improves the immunity level as well as blood circulation of the body which will increase the overall productivity and efficiency. It is also helpful in solving out a very big problem of today’s generation as it assists in reducing weight and getting rid of toxins or impurities from the body.

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