Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy

What is magnet therapy?

Magnet therapy is a form of alternative medical treatment in which magnets are used on body to cure health problems. These therapeutic magnets are added to bracelets, rings or soles of shoes or are placed on the pressure points with the help of a paper tape. However nowadays, magnet mattresses and clothing are also available.


How does magnet therapy work?

There are magnetic and electric fields in our body and there is some amount of magnetic energy in each molecule of our body. The theory of this therapy says that whenever these magnetic fields get weak or out of balance at certain points, we face health problems. The cure to such conditions is to place a magnetic field on some special points on the body and things will be alright. Anyone who wants to know more about magnet therapy in detail is most welcome to visit us Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center as it a part of our Panchakarma treatment in Delhi. We are known for providing the world class naturopathy treatment in north Delhi at affordable prices as we have kept the cost of Panchakarma treatment in Delhi as pretty reasonable.


Who can get treated by magnet therapy?

It is recommended for those people who are experiencing pain, especially in back and feet. It has been found to be pretty effective in healing wounds and dealing with problems like insomnia, headaches, arthritis pain and fibromyalgia pain. It is also being said that the therapy can help those who are having weight issues as if such people undergo the treatment regularly, it can assist them in shedding weight.


Who should not use magnet therapy?

It is mostly safe to use for everyone but those who use a pacemaker or have an insulin pump as well as pregnant women should not undergo this therapy. People who are taking this treatment should also make sure to remove magnets before getting an MRI or going for an X-ray. As this is an effective but a unique therapy, we request you to visit us at Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center so that we can guide you properly about magnet therapy and what else we provide in naturopathy treatment in north Delhi.