Spinal Bath

Spinal Bath

Tranquilize your agitated nerves with the sedative spinal bath

Stress-related nervous disorders like hysteria and hypertension are on an alarming rise in the cities due to the hectic schedules and mentally draining work profile. The modern unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet accelerates the deterioration of nerves even in the early stages of life. If you are struggling with nervous disorders, our Spinal Bath hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi could be the best thing you can do for your body.


How does our Spinal Bath hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon work?

The spinal bathtub is specially designed with its back raised giving an elevated support for the head. The bathtub is then filled with water until about one and a half inches to two inches. The patient is made to lie inside the spinal bath for a maximum of thirty minutes with his back touching the flat bottom of the spinal bathtub. The bath can be administered at cold, neutral and hot temperatures.

The spinal bath alleviates fatigue, irritation and excitement. The nerves in the spinal column are soothed and hence the central nervous system gets relaxed and rejuvenated. The tension of the vertebral column is also relieved leaving you with a peaceful and calm mind.


Who should consider the spinal bath hydrotherapy treatment?

  • People suffering from nervous disorders like hysteria, fits and hypertension.
  • Insomnia patients struggling with sleep will find this treatment extremely relaxing and effective.
  • The spinal bath can help patients who are suffering from mental disorders and memory loss.
  • Generally, all the people who are stressed and irritated can be benefited from this treatment.

Mild and moderate nervous issues in the human body can be effectively treated by naturopathy measures that have absolutely zero side effects. Taking allopathic medicines for such moderate issues can prove harmful in the long run as the side effects of such forms of medication are undeniable and irreversible in most cases.

Our Spinal Bath Naturopathy Treatment in North Delhi has gained immense popularity as our patients see immediate relief from anxiety and stress after just one spinal bath session. The body and mind becomes light and focused!