Hot and Cold Hip Bath

Hot and Cold Hip Bath

Experience The Hot And Cold Hip Bath From The Leading Naturopathy Center In Delhi

Are you in search of the best center for hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi or Gurgaon? Connect with the Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center. Throughout its course of evolution, Ojas Naturopathy Center has clinched in the expertise in the domain of hot and cold hip bath therapy. With a robust professional exposure, today, Ojas Naturopathy Center stands as the leading hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi and in Gurgaon.

What Is Meant By Hydrotherapy Treatment?

Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of water for treating different conditions such as arthritis and rheumatic disorders. While you undergo hydrotherapy, you need to accomplish different special exercises.

Hot and cold hip bath:

  • The hot and cold hip bath is reckoned as the revulsive hip bath.
  • The temperature for the hot and cold hip bath should be around 40 degrees centigrade to 45-degree centigrade.
  • It is a curative or therapeutic form of the bath which helps in relieving constipation, indigestion, and obesity.
  • Furthermore, undergoing hot and cold hip bath helps your eliminative organs to function efficiently.

You can claim a hot and cold hip bath as one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy.

What Is The Mechanism Of Hot And Cold Hip Bath Naturopathy Center In Delhi?

As the name of this form of hydrotherapy treatment itself suggests, the therapy involves your hip and abdominal region. Here, in the hot and cold hip hydrotherapy treatment in Gurgaon and Delhi, a particular type of tub is put to use. The tub is filled with ample water to cover your hips entirely and reach your navel point.

Generally, the hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of nearly four to six gallons filled with water. In the absence of the unique tub, your hot and cold hip bath therapy can be worked out even with a standard bathtub. This therapy involves placing support under one edge. By putting support under one side, your hot and cold hip bath professional elevates it at the height of around two to three inches.

The hot and cold hip bath hydrotherapy treatment in Delhi as well as in Gurgaon that we provide at our centers is proved to be beneficial for relieving your pelvic viscera’s chronic inflammatory conditions. These chronic conditions are inclusive of salpingitis, cellulitis, ovaritis, and different types of neuralgias of your genito-urinary organelles.