Mud Bath

Mud Bath

Mud therapy is becoming very popular nowadays as it is highly beneficial for various health problems.

Importance of Mud Bath Therapy

It is a part of naturopathy and mud is being given more importance because it is one of the elements of nature with great healing capability. Mud bath is being practiced since ancient times but now the naturopath practitioners are also using it for their patients, especially for those who are having skin problems.

The mud is in powder form before it is used, just to make sure that there are no stones, pebbles, grass particles and any other harmful particle mixed in it. Presently, many patients are taking naturopathy treatment in north Delhi and Gurgaon as they are advised by their practitioners to go for this therapy.

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For this purpose, mud is soaked in water and applied to the whole body of the patient, either in a sitting or lying position. The patient should be made to sit or lie in the sunlight but his head should be covered and not exposed to the Sun. After 45-60 minutes, he needs to take bath or he can be washed as well by the therapist using cold water or lukewarm water if the patient feels cold. Subsequently, he should be dried quickly and made to lie in a warm bed.

Benefits of the Therapy

It will not only improve blood circulation but also strengthen tissues of skin. If done regularly, it can act as natural beauty treatment resulting in brightening the skin and reducing patches and spots. This therapy works wonder specially for those who suffer from diseases, such as urticaria, leucoderma, leprosy, psoriasis and other allergy conditions of skin. Book an appointment with us for a soothing mud bath therapy in Gurgaon as well as in Delhi.


However, its excessive use will result in dryness in skin rather than making it glow. Precaution should be taken while choosing mud as well because if it is not of good quality, it may harm the patient instead of benefitting him.

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