Other Therapies

Sun Therapy

What is Sun therapy?

Sun therapy or Sunlight therapy or Sun bath is all about sunlight exposure to body but in a controlled manner so that health is affected in a positive manner only. It won’t be wrong to say that life on the Earth is almost impossible without the Sun and its rays. The Sun gives us warmth and energy which are essential for good health. If an individual doesn’t get sufficiently exposed to sunlight, he/she may suffer from various diseases such as heart problems, fertility problems, fungal infections, cancer, depression, arthritis, etc.

At Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center, we try our best to provide our patients with full benefits of Sun therapy as it works on the principle of preventing from catching disease rather than getting cured after falling sick. We are always ready to work for the better health of our patients and providing naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon is our priority.

Banana Bath

Banana bath or banana leaf therapy is beneficial for weight loss and it is one of the most effective methods of cleansing body. In this therapy, an individual should be wrapped up in a good number of banana leaves and rope should be tied so that no air enters within the banana leaves.


This therapy should be done before afternoon when the sun rays are not too harsh and a wet towel should be kept on the person’s head. A wet towel should also be kept beneath him and after tying the banana leaves, he should be left in the sunlight for 20-40 minutes. Toxins will come out as the body will release ample sweat. After getting out of the banana leaves, the person should take some rest in shade and then go for bath with cold water. Banana leaves bath is highly recommended by us at the Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center as it is one of the best ways to detoxify and it is one of the therapies that we offer as a part of naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon.

Wet Sheet Bath

In this therapy, a person is wrapped in a wet sheet and then covered with a dry blanket so that temperature is controlled and evaporation is regulated. This therapy has three stages, the first one is cooling or evaporation, the second is neutral and the third includes sweating and heating.


Wet sheet bath should be carried out in the sunlight and it is beneficial in reducing fever, curing problems of insomnia, indigestion, nervous exhaustion, jaundice, alcoholism recovery, etc. t should be made sure that the wet sheet is in close contact with the skin and a dry blanket should be kept on neck and shoulder so that air can’t travel inside the body. So many benefits make it a must needed therapy for all those who are taking naturopathy treatment in Gurgaon and Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center will be more than happy to clear all your doubts before you undergo this therapy.