What is Nasyam?

Nasyam is an Ayurveda term which refers to the purification of the head region which includes eyes, nose, ears, throat, sinus and different types of headache. All the absurdities of the body that is collected in the head are washed away with the Nayasam Ayurveda Treatment.

During the treatment, the patient is asked to lie down on their back in a closed room and let the nasal oil enter the body through the nasal passage.

Types of Nasyam

  1. Navana Nasyam – It refers to Snehana and Shodhana. This helps with Bell’s palsy, tinnitus, hairfall, headaches, to name a few.
  2. Avapeedna Nasyam – 5-6 drops of herbal juice is put into each nasal cavity which helps the patient suffering from epilepsy, rhinitis, poisoning, etc.
  3. Dhumpana – It is the treatment in which herbal smoke is inhaled by the patient.

Just like these, there are tons of other Nasyam which can be used according to the symptoms.

Advantages of Nasyam

  1. After few weeks of treatment, the nasyam strengthens the sensory organs.
  2. Nasyam helps get rid of the grey hair by making them healthy.
  3. It also clears the visual site of the patient.
  4. Nasyam treatment makes the whole body way healthier and stronger than before.
  5. It strengthens the immune system so that the person does not get sick easily.
  6. Nasyam also helps avoid premature ageing.

In our Healthcare Centre, we employ highly-trained professionals who are very well aware of their job and make sure that you get the best Nasyam therapy so that you stay hale and hearty as this treatment really works wonder.

Hence, hire our expert services and get a Nasyam as soon as possible as it really benefits the entire body by removing all the toxins from inside and leaving the body feeling super fresh.