Yoga & Meditation


It is pretty difficult to explain yoga in words as it is not just an exercising technique but a way of living life which is being practiced in the Hindu culture since ancient times and now the whole world is accepting it with open arms. The word “yoga” means union and in this context, it is about the union of human soul with source of all the lives on this Earth.


What is yoga?

Yoga is a mixture of physical, mental and spiritual techniques which not only focus on the well-being of body but also of mind and soul. There are various types of yoga but the most practiced ones are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Power yoga and Kundalini yoga.


Its effect on human body:

Yoga has an overall effect on the human body and if a person devotes a fix amount of time to it daily, very soon he will feel that he is at peace with his internal body. Apart from this, he will realize that his body is becoming strong and flexible as well. The regular practice of Yoga will improve the circulation of blood in body, the respiratory and digestive systems will experience overhauling and the person will be stable emotionally with clarity of purpose of life.

Naturopathy also includes yoga in its treatment process and if any naturopathy center in Delhi wants to become the best naturopathy center in Delhi, it definitely needs to appoint a professional yoga trainer in Delhi center.


Benefits of yoga:

Yoga focuses on self-improvement and self-realization. The breathing techniques and meditation help a lot in making the person aware of his own essential existence. Meditation makes a person calm and helps in getting rid of negative thoughts, anger, fear, stress and any other feeling which makes a person uncomfortable or aggravated.

Yoga plays an important role in making a person healthy and disease free. With regular practice, we can not only lose weight but also get rid of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure/low blood pressure, etc.

Even if you don’t find yoga trainers in the naturopathy centres in Delhi-NCR, it is not difficult to find yoga centers in Delhi, which makes it easy for everyone to practice it.


Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular meditation practice, you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways. With regular work and patience, these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.