How Shirodhara Treatment Helps In Migraine and Hair Fall

Natural treatment is replacing the chemical treatments day-by-day. It is because nowadays people have become smarten up and know that it is the only way to treat some severe ailments and health issues. Among the various ways for promoting hair health, Shirodhara head massage is the best one.

This healing technique has derived its name from two Sanskrit terms- ‘Shiro’ means ‘head’ and ‘dhara’ means ‘constant flow’. Thus, in this particular treatment medicated oil is being poured to your head without any break in the flow.

Who should go for this treatment?  

This treatment is ideal for the person who is suffering from depression, headache, tension, worry, stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues. As this oil is blended with a few nervine herbs it is effective in dealing with the post-traumatic stress disorder.

It plays an immense role in the stimulation of pineal gland and promotes the secretion of melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone. Thus, the person who is trying to deal with sleepless night can undoubtedly choose Shirodhara head massage.

How is the Shirodhara treatment offered?

According to Ayurveda, the Shirodhara treatment can offer the best result if it is done in the early morning. This process is commenced with the abhyangam of the body. At first, you have to lie down and then luke-warm medicated oil of about 2 liters is being poured over your forehead. The oscillating way of the pouring process is like a stream flow. This procedure will last for 60 minutes. Basically, the duration of the treatment is completely depended upon the health condition of the patient.

Light head massage is also given to the person before the commencement of this treatment if the person chooses Shirodhara treatment for hair fall. The oil is poured in this area because this area is consist of numerous nerve endings and is considered highly sensitive. The oil will play its outstanding role in improvising the blood circulation of the brain and alleviates a migraine by vasodilating the channels. This complete procedure will help the nervous system to attain the state of rest similar to that of meditation.

The benefits of this treatment

Shirodhara treatment is superb in healing and soothing the nervous system and regulates the blood circulation too. It effectively addresses the burning sensation of the eyes and insomnia. It regulates the natural metabolism of the body and improves the health of the digestive system. It protects the hair from early graying and improves the texture of the hair at the same time.

Know some post-treatment guidelines

There are a few guidelines which you can follow after doing Shirodhara for hair fall. These will incorporate the oil to work from deep and thus you can obtain the best result. Application of shampoo is must and it is suggested to add the water after shampooing. It will ensure the cleaning of the hair effectively.

Consumption of caffeinated drinks must be avoided as it will create a bad impact on the nervous system. Warm water must be used for drinking and bathing purposes. Light diet and avoiding of oily food are highly recommended.

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