Udvartanam-Herbal Powder Massage


A part of Panchakarma treatment, Udvartanam is a full body massage therapy which is pretty effective in weight loss and skin care. Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center is a renowned treatment center for Panchakarma treatment in Delhi and it’s the best among the naturopathy centers in Delhi-NCR which offers Udvartanam massage therapy.


Process of Udvartanam massage therapy

The massage is done in a different manner in comparison to the conventional manner as the strokes are made in upward direction (opposite direction of the hair follicles) and the whole process is completed in seven postures. A herbal powder is mixed with warm oil and that paste is rubbed all over body, especially in those areas where fat is deposited. The massage melts down the excess fat which is further ejected out of the body by using therapies such as KashayaVasti. The person needs to take rest for around 30 minutes after the therapy and then take bath with warm water.


Diseases cured by Udvartanam massage therapy

Udvartanam is mostly used for weight loss and for problems related to skin and hair. It is also used for paralysis, hemiplegia and weak circulation of blood.


Benefits of Udvartanam massage therapy

Other than curing the diseases, Udvartanam is quite beneficial in improving the mobility of joints and bringing reduction in cholesterol. It not only improves blood circulation but also deals with the conditions that result in poor blood supply. It relaxes mind and body also feels light after the therapy. It is also very helpful for women who have become mother as their muscles and skin can be toned after child birth. The texture of the skin color can be improved by this therapy as well. We at Ojas Naturpathy and Yoga Center make sure that our patient gets the best results of Udvartanam massage therapy and we have kept the cost of Panchakarma treatment in Delhi quite reasonable in comparison to other naturopathy centers in Delhi-NCR.


As it is a special massage therapy, people with certain health conditions should not undergo it. Individuals who are suffering from Psoriasis and Eczema should not take Udvartanam massage therapy as these both are skin problems and the condition can degrade further if massage is taken.