Shiro Basti

Shiro Basti

Shirobasti, also known as oil therapy for head, is a part of Panchakarma treatment which is nowadays used mostly for alcohol de-addiction. Shirobasti is very effective in providing relaxation and makes person strong, physically as well as mentally. It not only cures diseases but also saves an individual from falling sick in the future by boosting his immunity. It is used for the treatment of various psychological disorders but a healthy person can also undergo this therapy for refreshing and rejuvenating his body, mind and soul. Shiro means head and basti means accumulating herbal oils or medicinal liquids on the head. We at Ojas Naturapathy and Yoga Center are handling many patients which are undergoing Shirobasti therapy as we offer it as a part of our Panchakarma treatment in Delhi and we are the most famous naturopathy center despite huge number of naturopathies in Delhi.


Process of Shirobasti

In this, a large leather belt is tied around the head of the patient and black gram paste is used to seal it from inside. After that, endurable hot oil is poured and retained on the head for 30 minutes. Usually, the head is clean shaved for the purpose of getting good results in the treatment. Gentle head massage along with shoulder, neck and back massages are given after oil is removed from head. Shirobasti is normally given for 7 days but it may be repeated if the physician feels that the patient requires some more treatment. Although, the physicians at Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center are fully qualified and masters of their field, the cost of Panchakarma treatment in Delhi, which is provided by us has been kept low so that majority of population can get benefited. However, this is not the case with other naturopathies in Delhi and this is one more reason for our increasing popularity.


Diseases which are cured by Shirobasti

Shirobasti is being widely used to treat the patients who are addicted to alcohol and other psychological disorders. Here is the list of diseases which are cured by Shirobasti – cataract, severe headaches, insomnia, spondylitis and facial paralysis. This treatment is has shown good results in the disorders which affect the cranial nerves such as optic atrophy, otalgia, deafness, hemi crania and trigeminal neuralgia. Shirobasti is gaining prominence in today’s world as nowadays almost everyone is suffering from anxiety and stress and this therapy is one of the best techniques to get rid of them as well as boost the immunity level.