How Does Nasyam Treatment Control Premature Graying of Hair

If you find the very first strand of gray hair in the early 20, then it can assume that maximum percent of the hair will turn gray within the early 40s. It is the sign of premature graying and it will progress day-by-day if proper treatment is not done in time.

In accordance with Ayurveda, pitta dosha imbalance can be the prime factor of the graying hair. It will also lead to the associated issue of hair fall at the same time. Only the perfect Panchkarma therapy can deal with this problem and can resist you from the signs of early aging.

The definition of Nasyam Treatment

Nasyam treatment is a category of Panchkarma treatment which is loaded with the various processes of detoxification. In this treatment, medicated juices, medicated powders, and medicated oils along with other herbal oils are used to stimulate then crucial brain points. These will helps in curing some specific diseases.

As nose has a direct connection with the brain, various procedures are done through the nostrils too to increase its effectiveness and to deal with the head-related ailments. This is categorized into five sub-categories and thus you can easily go for nasyam ayurveda treatment in Delhi. The classifications are given below:

  • Marshya Nasya
  • Navana Nasya
  • Shamana Nasya
  • Brumhana Nasya
  • Pradhamana Nasya

Among all these treatments, Navana is referred to as snehana and shodhana. It6 pays a crucial role in treating excessive hair fall. It is great for improvising the strength and texture of the hair respectively.

Procedures of the nasyam treatment

The treatment procedures of this Panchkarma therapy are divided into three parts. They are pre-purificatory measure, the main procedure, and post-therapeutic measure. Each of them is explained in the following:

Pre-purificatory or poorvakarma measure

In this procedure, the facial oil is massaged on the neck, ear, head, forehead, and face. The steam is also applied to the face. It helps in loosening and eliminating the Doshas.

Main procedure or pradhanakarma

It is the main procedure of this natural treatment to get rid of gray hair. In this specific step, the lukewarm medication is sent to the head by a dropper. After the administration of the drug is complete, palm, ear, neck, shoulder, and sole are gently massaged.

Post-therapeutic measure or paschatkarma

After the treatment procedure is completed, the patient is offered with lukewarm water for gargling. After that medicated smoke is provided to inhale so that you can breathe properly.

The ways by which this treatment functions

The oils which are used for nasyam ayurveda treatment in Delhi are yastimadhu, neem, and shadbindu. The oils are pervaded to create a good impact on the nervous system of the brain along with proper blood circulation. As it is applied by the nostrils it acts effectively in relieving the channel blockage.

Therefore, it can resist the gray of the hair and hair fall in an unimaginable way. Moreover, it has its impact on improvising the texture and quality of the hair at the same time. It is recommended to undergo this treatment after heavy meals which are called Shirodhara in the Ayurveda.

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